Strategist, Analyst, Team Player

I have a passion for psychology and understanding people in order to utilize their talents and challenge their weaknesses, as well as my own.

But I don't want to stop there.

I believe psychology and marketing go hand in hand, both of which are areas I'd love to further explore and grow in.

I'm turning my passions into my strengths.

My Philosophy:
Mindful of the Personal


Every conversation I have is held with perceptiveness and honesty. I am not afraid to ruffle a few feathers by addressing weaknesses to incite growth, as I know it takes deep internal assessment for personal and company improvements. However, when done the right way, creating and maintaining trusting and dependable relationships with those in your personal and professional lives can pave your yellow brick road to success.


Empowerment by its very definition requires increasing our influence within our social sphere, whether we do so within our intimate relationships or as consumers. So where do you start? By realizing the impact you already have on those around you through your perks such as wittiness, intelligence, or dependability, and invigorating them. But also by admitting your faults and actively and openly working to change. Setting an example with my confident moldability sets the tone of my environment.


Empathy allows you to know if the people you’re trying to reach are actually being reached. Recognizing the conflicts and emotions of those around you is the first step towards building an environment of trust and teamwork. It will allow you to predict the effect your decisions and actions will have on your core audience and strategize accordingly. Without empathy, there is no way to team build or feed a new generation of leaders. The 90-second investment of time can optimize your surroundings.

My greatest skill:
Quality and Quantity

Creative Thumb

From organizing my own day to day life to planning special events to even picking birthday gifts, I always go above and beyond to personalize my work in every area of my life.

Computer Whiz

Intermediate computing and application skills and highly proficient in all Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Graphic Design

A dabble here and there in graphics regarding social media representation. Sometimes, just for fun.

Public Speaking

Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream speech” which inspired a nation and broke down racial barriers. Presidents Nixon’s speech united a nation and put a man on the moon. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address put him on the map for president. Without these speeches, we wouldn't have these icons. Ask me again the importance of public speaking.

Time Management

The common man is not concerned about the passage of time, the man of talent is driven by it.
- Shoppenhauer -

Interpersonal Relations

Our relationships at work can have an impact on job satisfaction, learning and using our skills, staff turnover, morale, taking time off, and even our quality of life. If you respect and understand the other people in your team you’ll value their opinions and take the time to consider them. That makes for a more productive and positive workplace.

The Only Source of Knowledge:

Work Experience

2019 - PRESENT

Brand Connection Assistant

Primary Goal: Diving deep to uncover a brand’s - whether it be a company or an individual - true identity, bring it to life, and tell the world their story.

Major Responsibilities:

Brand definition and positioning
Content research
Campaign and content development
Communication through social channels
Project management
Media design

Tim Tebow Foundation - Night to Shine
2016 - 2017

Special Needs Volunteer

Results: Accompany a special needs guest through an unforgettable prom experience

Major Responsibilities:

Escort my guest down through registration and down the red carpet
Comfort during paparazzi and crowd
Hair and makeup stations
Karaoke and dance partner

Y Knot Ranch
2015 - 2017

Equine Therapy Volunteer

Results: Through assisting with the care and experience of the horses and riders, aided participants in developing needed skills and attributes, such as accountability, responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving, and self-control.

Major Responsibilities:

Feeding and grooming
Pasture turnout
Providing supplements
Care of tack and supplies
Animal excercise
Working individually with each participant to teach proper care and riding training


University of North Florida
2018 - PRESENT

Psychology Major

Full time student with three jobs

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Strategist, Analyst, Team Player